Make employee engagement a key part of your customer experience strategy

In today’s increasingly complex call center, your employees need a robust combination of information, support and workforce optimization tools to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations. You need to define an employee engagement strategy that closely aligns with your customer engagement strategy. And you need to identify what drives inefficiencies and train your workforce accordingly to maximize their success. This means having the right set of workforce optimization tools.

Empower your employees with workforce optimization technology that yields measurable results for both the efficiency of your organization and the quality of your customer experience. With the integrated Konexions contact center infrastructure and workforce optimization capabilities, you can increase your employee engagement and workforce performance to deliver on your business objectives.

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Accurately forecast and schedule employee time from a single interface

Optimizing your workforce requires a combination of thorough planning, forecasting and scheduling, as well as cost-effective employee training. Konexions workforce management software tightly integrates workforce management with your call center platform and routing, enabling you to manage employees and their skills from a single location, resulting in more effective forecasting and scheduling. Efficiently distribute interactions and work across channels through combined skills and schedule-based routing to boost efficiency and service levels while reducing costs associated with undesired overtime and employee turnover.

Listen more to identify opportunities

Each customer conversation is valuable. With Konexions, you can achieve a deeper understanding of conversations that hold valuable insights into trends, issues and business performance by recording and analyzing 100% of your interactions. And do this all while leveraging your existing contact center infrastructure.

Interaction recording solves business needs related to compliance, risk mitigation and quality management assurance. Interaction analytics automatically combines speech analytics with text analytics, such as chat or email. It analyzes all conversations across all channels, empowering you to better understand customer conversations. Gain deeper insights into the true meaning and context of every conversation to make data-driven decisions on business processes, identify new revenue opportunities, and ensure workforce performance and quality management success.

Raise the bar for employees

Knowing what makes an employee a top performer gives you the ability to provide individualized coaching and training and, ultimately, improve overall workforce performance. An employee performance management and workforce optimization solution correlates business performance with employee skills, knowledge and other attributes to identify what drives the best business outcomes. Konexions gives you the ability to drive productivity and employee success while improving customer experience, increasing revenue, reducing operational costs and risks—all to create a great customer experience and meet business outcomes.

Start with proper planning

Optimizing your workforce begins with accurate planning, forecasting and scheduling, as well as cost-effective training across all communication channels. Too often, interaction channels are managed in silos, creating inefficiencies, complexity and manual work for the planning department. Overcome these challenges through automation and tight integration with the contact center platform and routing engine.

Konexions workforce optimization tightly integrates Konexions Workforce Management with routing and the Konexions PureEngage platform. It also includes ongoing skills assessment tools, while automating training. You’re able to better manage employees and skills in one place while improving routing and planning. Other benefits include more effective forecasting and scheduling, improved distribution of interactions and work across channels, and reduced costs associated with undesired overtime and employee turnover.

Analyze interactions across channels for quality assurance

Each customer conversation holds beneficial insights into what drives business success now—and what will drive it in the future.

Interaction analytics, such as speech and text analytics, help organizations understand the true meaning and context of every conversation that comes through the contact center. Konexions Workforce Management provides thorough interaction recording that also enables you to easily meet business requirements for compliance and risk mitigation while achieving quality management.

Interaction analytics combines speech and text analytics to examine the content of all conversations and interactions across all channels, including phone calls, chat and email.

Workforce Optimization with Konexions Performance DNA

Happy, engaged employees not only deliver a better customer experience, they produce better business results. By setting up employees for success from day one, you increase their happiness while decreasing costly customer churn. This begins with hiring the right people and consistently managing their performance to guide their success.

Konexions Performance DNA is a unique employee performance management solution that correlates your business performance with key employee performance metrics. Identify the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors that define a top performer. Create blueprints by roles detailing what great performance looks like and define optimal KPIs that take the guesswork out of performance management. With Performance DNA, you gain the advantage of driving better employee performance for amazing business results.

Correlate performance data with employee skills and knowledge

Delivering an exceptional customer experience requires happy, competent employees. Konexions Performance DNA lets you correlate business performance with the skills, knowledge and attributes that define employee success and drive optimal business outcomes. Explore and visualize great employee performance through assessments and analysis. Then identify what differentiates top performers from others.

Unlike other performance management solutions, Performance DNA integrates with several enterprise systems. This gives you access and interpretation of relevant performance data from all available sources, helping you understand how employees perform and pinpoint what actions to take to propel them to peak performance.