Modern speech analytics software uses a calculated approach

Your business has lots of interactions with customers and prospects every day. These conversations hold valuable business intelligence and customer satisfaction information.

Traditional quality management programs were much less automated. Generally, they required one or more employees to listen to random call samples and then make generalized decisions. This means some of the most important or actionable customer calls could be missed.

Don’t miss a thing. Modern speech analytics gives you the ability to mine the content of all calls. Text analytics expands that reach to modern digital channels. A single solution to manage both makes your data cohesive and searchable. And that means you can search for key events about customer experience, agent performance, sales and compliance.

The most comprehensive interaction analytics

Interaction analytics from Konexions unites text and speech analytics solutions into a single application. You get a comprehensive view of your data without having to navigate disparate tools. Record and track all interactions across all channels of contact. Gain insights with rules-based reporting in a unified dashboard.

A single application to analyze voice and text

Prospects and customers already contact your business across channels. And, as the number of digital channels grows, so does the complexity of your customer data. If you want to make sense of the data, you need tools that do the heavy lifting. That means having one application that lets you look at all conversations — across all channels of contact — in exactly the same way.
Whether users call, text or reach out on a new digital channel, all the information stays together

Quality and coaching built into your contact center

When quality and coaching are managed outside of your call center solution, it creates internal silos. To combat this, Konexions built coaching modules into interaction analytics. This allows for automated quality, training and coaching workflows.
Use what you learn in each interaction to keep improving agent development. And consistently increase process efficiency and effectiveness

No accuracy issues with dual analytics

Many analytics engines convert audio into text or phonemes before analyzing. This results in data loss. And that compromises the reliability (accuracy and completeness) of your information.
Konexions combines two analytics engines to recognize entire phrases within the call audio, making call transcriptions comprehensive and clear