Use bots to automate conversations across channels

As channels multiply, the number of real-time conversations grows. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2022, there will be 28.5% more real-time interactions than there are today. That kind of growth can seem unmanageable, especially if your agents already struggle to meet call volumes.

Plus, you have to consider budget. While adding more agents to the payroll is an option, at some point it becomes too expensive. After all, agents cost 25 to 75 times more than a self-service system.

Recent chatbot developments let you bridge that gap. Self-service has moved beyond automating routine tasks — especially with chat or messaging app channels. This allows you to take pressure off your agents while improving customer experience. Konexions AI powers self-service bots for personalized, customer-first service.

Build, manage and measure any bot

Deploying bots in silos creates disjointed customer experiences. Konexions orchestrates and measures bot experiences using built-in capabilities, or third-party bots from Google, Amazon, IBM and more. When our bots send conversations to agents, it's with full context for a seamless connection.

Bring your own bot on any channel

Konexions offers AI flexibility. Maximize your investment with capabilities that work with other chatbot platforms from Google, Amazon, IBM and more. Whether you’re designing a function for voicebots, chatbots or messaging bots, the Konexions platform lets you build once and reuse on any channel

Bring in agents at the right moment

Bots work best when they’re well-aligned with human agents. If needed, chat conversations can be seamlessly handed off to a live agent. When this happens, your agents also get access to all the information the bot has gathered, including contextual insight

Create a full experience

The Konexions platform gives you simple tools to build and measure the entire customer journey. And it’s not just with bot interactions. You can manage the whole customer experience across marketing, sales and service. Solutions in silos hurt your business. Bring everything together with Konexions.

Build on a platform that adapts

An open platform lets you link underlying technologies together and sync data across all channels. This gives you new ways to optimize customer and employee journeys with native and third-party software solutions. An adaptable platform grows with you — no matter how your business priorities change.