Turn your website into a two-way conversation

People come to your website with a goal in mind, but sometimes they need help finishing the task. Live chat support turns any web page into a real-time conversation, so you can quickly answer questions and provide additional information to seal the deal.

Live chat increases the odds of turning prospects into customers. And studies show that live chat has the highest satisfaction level versus other channels. To do it right, choose a solution where web chat is simply another channel to deploy from your all-in-one application — not a standalone solution.

Enjoy a live chat tool that’s everything you need

Live chat drives more online sales, increases conversions and raises customer satisfaction. Deploy it as part of an all-in-one contact center solution and take advantage of a single agent desktop, unified data and analytics, and a single administrative application to run it all.

All-in-one omnichannel

As the number of channels you offer continues to grow, so does the complexity of managing them. A pre-integrated omnichannel solution — like the one Konexions provides — puts everything together.
That means one agent desktop and one agent schedule across all channels. There’s one source for data and reporting, and one administrator for moves, adds and changes.

Customer profiles and conversation histories

Give your agents everything they need to make a live chat personal. With Konexions, agents see your website visitors’ profiles and their conversation history, so they have context to tailor the interaction.
Agents also have access to a centralized knowledge base, whisper coaching or conferencing with a subject matter expert to drive first contact resolution.

Proactive engagement

Be proactive. Our live chat tools let you proactively reach out to consumers based on their activity on a web page.
You can trigger that invitations are extended based on business rules, such as customer behavior, agent availability, and customer profile or segmentation. It’s all about connecting at the right moment.

Obsessive security

Rest easy knowing your chats are secure and compliant. Konexions uses HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure and support chat sessions.
Credit card and other personally identifiable information can be detected and masked so that transcripts don’t contain sensitive information — or there’s an option to mask in real-time, if that’s your preference. And with authenticated webchat, you can choose to require users to sign in with their credentials before they can start a chat session.