Create better outcomes with data-driven interactions

As call centers evolve into omnichannel contact centers, customer routing must adapt. It’s no longer efficient or effective to route customers and interactions into a siloed environment. Success depends on connecting each customer with the right resource, at the right time, to optimize your business results.

Overcome the challenges of disconnected channels and resources that frustrate today’s customers. Create effortless customer engagement with automated, intelligent routing that makes the optimal connection every time. Dynamically connect every interaction–from any touchpoint, over any channel. Every interaction is prioritized in a universal queue that’s based on your unique business rules, assuring that you achieve desired outcomes for both your customers and your business.

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Harness the power of your data with predictive routing

Konexions predictive routing uses AI and machine learning to align customers with the most appropriate agent and drive better results. Whether your KPI is efficiency-driven like first call resolution, a customer experience target like Net Promoter Score (NPS) or sales and revenue goals, predictive routing leverages your data to enable a more intelligence routing model. Balance predictive scores with real-time environment conditions to generate the best match, enabling your customers to reach the best resource, every time.

Unlike traditional routing, predictive routing uses rich historical data gathered over time and:
• Adapts to changing patterns of interactions
• Builds predictive models using continuous learning
• Improves business KPIs automatically, compared to traditional manual adjustments

Dynamically meet changes in demand

Accommodating customer segmentation needs and meeting acceptable service levels requires the flexibility to adapt to changes in demand across your environment. Leverage rules-based, intelligent routing to set the necessary parameters for coverage and prioritization. With dynamic target expansion, your system evaluates available agents, service levels and other factors in real-time to expand and contract targeted resources and meet defined business objectives.

Manually moving agents from one queue to another to meet demand is a thing of the past. Drive relationships and reduce customer effort with “last agent” routing, connecting your customers with the person they last interacted with, if needed

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Put big data to work for you

You’ve collected valuable data in your contact center for years. Now it’s time to use it. It’s time to realize the true potential of AI in the contact center. Predictive routing from Konexions combines your untapped CRM system data and contact center data with business rules.

Unlock the power in your data

Predictive routing ranks each representative based on any number of criteria, including customer profile, interaction profile, desired business outcome and agent profile. These metrics are overlaid with the representative’s existing skills and proficiency matrix used for scheduling. Then, that data is combined with the multidimensional skill profile using a patented method that delivers the interaction to the best possible representative or endpoint.

Put your data to work for you

You have the data and great ideas about how to use it. Here’s how to get started:

• Predict: Quantify the untapped opportunities and potential gains.
• Start small: Pick a group and business goal to start.
• Go big: Fine-tune and deploy the practice broadly across your organization..

Queue-based routing

Current tools can handle the complexity of business rules and KPIs—but they only go so far. An omnichannel environment makes routing exponentially more difficult without automation and or the ability to harness the potential of machine learning.

Overcome the challenges of traditional queue-based and skill-based routing while gaining measurable increases in productivity, revenue and efficiencies. Use AI to match customers to the best agent at the right stage of their journey to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, while optimizing operations