Route customers more efficiently with true business automation

Frontline agents often receive calls that can’t be solved over the phone. Typically, this results in a work item request for an additional resource. But how long does it take to get to the correct resource?

Business automation software from Konexions captures all work items, no matter the sources, and finds the best resource—back office, outsourcers, inside sales or another option. It then automatically assigns the item based on unified business logic. This automated approach to workforce management enables prioritization and scheduling that routes each item to the best available resource for fast resolutions—improving customer experience, response rates and first contact resolution rates

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It’s not the destination, it’s the journey

Increase online sales conversions by monitoring website visitor behavior and reaching out with a chat or callback when an engagement rule is triggered. With full visibility into the prospect’s journey, you can:

• Engage with opportunities in their channel of choice for seamless and intuitive engagement
• Increase first contact resolution and response rates while improving attribution across multiple channels
• Improve marketing effectiveness with deeper insights into campaigns that span multiple channels

Blend front- and back-office resources for better service

Keep up with shifting demands with better workforce management across your organization through business automation. By blending real-time interactions with non-real-time task interactions you’ll use agents’ secondary skills seamlessly and automatically. This process increases agent utilization, reduces wait times and smooths out interaction volumes.

If a customer needs to speak with someone who has underwriting skills, for example, but no one is immediately available with that primary skill, you can push the work item to someone with underwriting as a secondary skill. Sharing resources within a backup queue keeps work flowing. And because it’s fully automated, it’s seamless to your prospects and customers