Deliver high-quality support at scale with automated conversations

Put voicebots to work in your call center. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered digital assistants engage with your customers with natural language. Customers can self-select through common questions and issues.

If something is too complex or needs a human touch, it’s passed to a live agent. The agent receives all context and details gained in the automated chat.

Voicebots also open up revenue growth opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling. They can make personalized recommendations based on customer history and preferences. Plus, the speed, accuracy and 24-hour availability of voicebots directly affects customer experience

Konexions voicebots make customer interactions easier

Unite skilled human agents and powerful AI. Bots collect interaction information, including history, intent and predicted next steps. That information populates the agent workspace, helping them work smarter and faster.

Build once — deploy everywhere

Streamline bot development and deployment with predefined microapps. These handle specific tasks, such as bill payments or account admin.
Simply choose the microapp you need, then drag and drop it to your voicebot. Designing once and deploying across channels drives consistent customer experience and operational efficiency.

Bring your own AI

Choose your AI. You can use Konexions native AI or a third-party AI, such as Amazon Lex or Google Dialogflow. Or use both, depending on interaction type.
Blend third-party AI with call center automation and predictive routing to best address all your business needs. And you don’t have to lock yourself into a single vendor, technology or ecosystem.

Find the right balance

Customer experience isn’t built on bots alone. Sometimes customer issues are too complex or they need to escalate to a human agent. Voicebots get calls — and associated context — to the best agent.
Your customers don’t have to repeat anything. And because voicebots analyze conversations in real time, they can guide agents during interactions.

Make setup easy

Deploying a basic voicebot is easy enough. But deploying conversational voicebots across many business units with different priorities, routing flows, reporting and customer intent is more complex.
Making everything work together requires orchestration. Konexions manages this for you, so you can roll out voicebots without complication