Contact centers run best with dynamite reporting

You’re sitting on a gold mine of data. Every customer interaction adds to it. To understand and manage complex customer journeys, you need clear and actionable insights from all touchpoints. But when those data points are siloed in separate channels, systems or spreadsheets, it’s hard to see the full picture.

Your call center reporting should highlight insights that make it easier to guide your team, take action and crush your goals. Customer experience software from Konexions gives you a single point of truth. Unlock actionable insights from every interaction, across every channel

Know exactly what’s going on with your contact center operation

A modern contact center relies heavily on data. Powerful reporting and analytics help you understand your business while getting your customers what they want.

You need it all — real-time dashboards, historical reports, customer journey insights and predictive analytics. Konexions call center software unifies this data. With a more complete picture of your performance, you can turn data into actions, and actions into results..

KPIs and SLAs to make informed changes

Resolution rates, handle times, customer satisfaction — track the metrics that are most important to you. Compare real-time and historical data in a single view. Filter, save and export unique views in seconds. And drill down for deeper details with a single click.
With virtually limitless reporting, you see exactly what you need. This makes it easy to track progress, pinpoint areas to improve and make any necessary adjustments

Complete access to your contact center data

It’s your data. Access and use it anyway you like. Up-to-the-second analytics and real-time dashboards provide the information you need to run your contact center — across teams and channels.
Configure custom dashboards in minutes with parameters and filters. You can also export your data into a business intelligence database or build your own reports and wallboards. Open APIs and packaged integrations provide plenty of options to explore.

AI-powered customer journey analytics

If users are confused or stuck on your website, you miss out on leads and revenue. With customer journey analytics, you can illuminate the path your customers take and even help them along.
AI and machine learning work in the background, using your data to predict behaviors that drive the most success. When appropriate, you can proactively offer a prompt or assistance to help users complete what they came to do. Mission accomplished.

Predictive analytics for future scenarios

Take your call center analytics to the next level. With predictive analytics, you put your customer data to good use even after a conversation has ended.
Spot trends and plan for the future using historical data and business intelligence. Now you can anticipate interactions, train your agents to be ready, and staff for a predicted change in volume