Confusing customer journeys make for bad customer experiences

When customer data for each channel lives in a silo, you miss opportunities to connect with your customers in personalized ways. When you unite all of your customer data, a full story emerges. You gain insight into each customer, learn what they want right now and what they might need in the future.

A full-context customer journey map gives your agents the whole story about every individual who contacts you. This empowers them to react in a personalized way using real-time information. Journey maps also show you when to use proactive measures to make a sale or hold onto a frustrated customer. Improving the customer journey differentiates your business from the world of choices that are at consumers’ fingertips.

Combine data to improve customer experience

Data can be your greatest strength. It can also seem overwhelming. Modern analytics tools can sift through your wealth of data and provide actionable next steps. If you’re looking to differentiate your brand with excellent customer experience, look to past interactions. Historical data gives you base-level insight into what prospects and customers want when they interact with your business. Use this to begin crafting a new type of customer journey.

At Konexions, we know data. Data powers Konexions AI capabilities across channels and across systems. That same data fuels our machine learning engines to shape predictive customer experiences. Make the information you have about customers work for you. Spot patterns and use them to improve customer journey mapping. Learn from past interactions to improve future ones

Capture customer information across channels

Rich data provides good insights about how to tailor experiences for your customers. Collect data from all your touch points over time.This lets you create a full, accurate picture of each customer. Track channel behavior and other preferences so you can build business models driven by historical trends.

Unify data to see the full customer journey

Data that sits in a silo wastes time. Customers have to repeat information; long handle times become the norm. And agents struggle to help because they don’t know who the customer is. Unify your data. Make sure people in all departments who need it can see it across channels and systems.

Keep agents informed to drive better service

When your agents can make sense of a customer’s data, they can act in ways that benefit both the customer and your business. The customer gets smarter, more efficient service. You see lower handle times and higher customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win.