Create a contact center that’s on point, not just on call

Traditional call centers only had to provide customer support by phone. Today, contact centers need to handle much more than phone calls. Customers also want support on your website, social media channels or app.

A simple phone system won’t cut it anymore. You need to be ready to respond in real time on your customers’ channels of choice.

For that, you need cloud-based call center software with all the essentials built in. This includes inbound and outbound, from call routing and IVR to email, chat, social media, messaging, screen share, self-service options, workforce optimization, analytics, and easy ways to connect your other business systems. Konexions has you covered for all the ways you want to connect with customers.

Run your contact center with software that simplifies your day

To keep up with emerging communication channels and the consumers who adopt them, many call centers scrambled to add new functionality. This resulted in an accidental omnichannel approach, with separate point solutions cobbled together. And it created complicated systems that are cumbersome to use and expensive to manage. Contact center software by Konexions makes omnichannel easy.

Software built for seamless channel surfing

Provide delightful customer interactions across all channels, managed in one place. No matter how customers reach out to you, we’ve got you covered.

Built from the start to handle any channel, our contact center software follows the conversation everywhere. It turns calls, emails, chats, social comments and instant messages into a seamless conversation, all within a single tool. You can stop thinking channels, and start thinking experiences

Intuitive user interface that’s designed for your teams

Make sure you’re not overlooking good user experience. Poorly designed software takes longer for your customer service teams to learn to use — and can delay tasks.

Our call center software is designed in close collaboration with the agents and admins who actually use it. The user interface is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to manage. And that translates to a boost in your contact center productivity — and in your bottom line.

Modern, secure cloud architecture

Many simple cloud solutions force you to make trade-offs with functionality, reliability or flexibility.

With Konexions cloud contact center software, you get a multi-tenant, microservices architecture you can trust — with the scale, flexibility and security you need. Our code goes through extensive automated unit and integration testing to check the performance of individual components and how they work together. And our dedicated team of security and privacy experts works hard to keep you protected from threats.

Constant innovation and continuous deployment

Legacy call center software is synonymous with large upgrades and forced downtime, which make staying current hard and expensive.

Konexions makes it easy to keep up. Our R&D team is constantly innovating. Our DevOps model means new functionality is regularly available with the refresh of a browser. So your updates are painless, low-risk events with no downtime.

You get rapid access to new functionality, including innovations in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered customer and employee journeys. That’s why thousands of businesses trust our award-winning software to power their customer conversations — now and in the future