Don’t let a security breach break customer trust

Your security is only as strong as your weakest system, and the number of systems you need to meet customer demands increases each year. Customers want peace of mind. So, you need to provide comprehensive customer experiences with proven security built-in. Deliver highly scalable and feature-rich contact center and proactive communications solutions—designed and implemented in the cloud to support global customers across a variety of industries. Provide your customers with an inherently secure and reliable cloud call center. To stay ahead of risk, cloud providers must perform intensive and ongoing vigilance to meet enhanced cloud contact center security standards—informed oversight, guided decisions on managing risks, consistent security practices and continuous feedback.

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Meet and exceed modern security standards

Konexions PureConnect™ and PureEngage™ data centers are managed to comply with the most rigorous industry security standards to ensure that data remains safe at all times. Data center facilities use security features, such as multi-stage authentication and 24/7 CCTV monitoring to ensure that only authorized staff have access.

• A signature-based Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) constantly monitors the Konexions network for potential attacks.
• At the network level, Konexions has deployed adaptive security appliances to provide firewall capabilities, along with a two-way authentication process, to limit access.
• For logical security, Konexions virtualization architecture ensures separation and security of customer-specific data, along with role-based permissions to control access.

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Know your call center is protected

Rest assured that you’ll meet the highest level of call center compliance in the business. Konexions cloud-based call center and contact center solutions have achieved Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 certification, Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 certification and US Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) compliance.

As a global provider of cloud-based call center software and services for organizations of all sizes, Konexions has built a secure, stable and highly reliable platform. This ongoing effort is tied to a process of continuous improvement, by endlessly evaluating evolving threats and the security needs of our customers