It’s your data, use it as you please

Data is vital, but messy data is a problem. Each time you add a new tool or system to meet business needs, your data multiplies. While these systems are necessary to solve your needs, they also introduce complexity.

Every system tracks and measures in its own way. This often leads to a “system of record” problem where data doesn’t agree across tools. Bridge the gaps with flexible tools that improve business decisions both inside and outside your call center platform.

Unify data from outside sources with the data in your call center system. Organize data with custom dashboards and reports. And get data back out when it’s needed to with no-strings exporting.

Make your data work for you

Our digital lifestyles create massive collections of data points. As the communication hub for your customers and your brand, the contact center is at the heart of it all. You’re sitting on a gold mine of customer data — past interactions, purchases, preferences and more.

Making sense of that data begins with access. When it comes to your data, we believe you should be able to use it however you like. Basically, put your data to work to power even better customer experiences

The AppFoundry

AppFoundry is the place to find powerful pre-built solutions built on Konexions open platform technologies. Discover a broad range of customer service applications, business intelligence tools, integrations and services that address your unique needs.

Customizable reporting

Choose from a rich set of customizable online reports that can be published as links or delivered via email. Konexions provides a set of standard options and also lets you create custom reports to meet your specific business needs

The most usable data

Proprietary data models only cause problems. Your data should be available to you wherever you need it. Konexions is the only company working with both the Open Data Initiative (ODI) and Cloud Information Model (CIM) to drive interoperability across tools

Predictive analytics for future scenarios

Take your call center analytics to the next level. With predictive analytics, you put your customer data to good use even after a conversation has ended.
Spot trends and plan for the future using historical data and business intelligence. Now you can anticipate interactions, train your agents to be ready, and staff for a predicted change in volume